Maxime Cohen



Retail Operations, Data Science, Revenue Management and Pricing, Online Platforms, Field Experiments, Real Estate, Sustainability

Published and Accepted Papers

  1. "The Impact of Demand Uncertainty on Consumer Subsidies for Green Technology Adoption," with R. Lobel and G.Perakis, Management Science 62(5):1235-1258, 2016
    Media coverage: MIT News, ScienceDaily,, EurekAlert
    First Place in the 2019 Best OM Paper in Management Science Award, Honorable Mention in the 2019 ENRE Best Publication Award in Environment and Sustainability

  1. "The Impact of Linear Optimization on Promotion Planning," with Z. Leung, G. Perakis, K. Panchamgam, and A. Smith, Operations Research 65(2):446-468, 2017
    Online Appendix
    Media coverage: HuffPost, O.R. by the Beach, MIT Sloan Experts
    First Place in the 2014 Best Student Paper Award - INFORMS Service Science, 2015 NEDSI Conference Best Application of Theory Award

  1. "Scheduling Promotion Vehicles to Boost Profits," with L. Baardman, K. Panchamgam, G. Perakis, and D. Segev, Management Science 65(1):50-70, 2019
    Online Appendix
    First Place in the 2016 Best Cluster Paper Award - INFORMS Service Science

  1. "Consumer Subsidies with a Strategic Supplier: Commitment vs. Flexibility," with J. Chemama, R. Lobel, and G. Perakis, Management Science 65(2):681-713, 2019

  1. "Big Data and Service Operations," Production and Operations Management 27(9):1709-1723, 2018

  1. "Dynamic Pricing Through Data Sampling," with R. Lobel and G. Perakis, Production and Operations Management 27(6):1074-1088, 2018

  1. "Overcommitment in Cloud Services - Bin Packing with Chance Constraints," with P. Keller, V. Mirrokni, and M. Zadimoghaddam, Management Science 65(7):3255-3271, 2019
    Accepted to the 2017 ACM SIGMETRICS Conference
    Online Appendix

  1. "Designing Price Incentives in a Network with Social Interactions," with P. Harsha, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 22(2):292-309, 2020
    Online Appendix

  1. "Data-Driven Investment Strategies for Peer-to-Peer Lending," with C. D. Guetta, K. Jiao, and F. Provost, Big Data 6(3):191-213, 2018
    Among the 5 top-read articles of 2018, 2019, and 2020
    Media coverage: Medium

  1. "An Efficient Algorithm for Dynamic Pricing Using a Graphical Representation," with S. Gupta, J. J. Kalas, and G. Perakis, Production and Operations Management 29(10):2326–2349, 2020
    Finalist for the 2016 Service Science Section Student Paper Competition

  1. "Feature-Based Dynamic Pricing," with I. Lobel and R. Paes Leme, Management Science 66(11):4921-4943, 2020
    Lead article
    Accepted to the 2016 ACM Conference on Economics & Computation
    Associated article in SIGecom Exchanges
    Online Appendix

  1. "A Simple Rule for Pricing with Limited Knowledge of Demand," with R. S. Pindyck and G. Perakis, Management Science 67(3):1608-1621, 2021
    Accepted to the 2016 ACM Conference on Economics & Computation
    NBER Working Paper No. 21679

  1. "Promotion Optimization for Multiple Items in Supermarkets," with J. J. Kalas and G. Perakis, Management Science 67(4):2340-2364, 2021
    Media coverage: Investor Place

  1. "Frustration-Based Promotions: Field Experiments in Ride-Sharing," with M. D. Fiszer and B. J. Kim, Management Science, 2021 (published online)
    Accepted to the 2018 M&SOM Service SIG and to the 2018 Marketplace Innovation Workshop
    Media coverage: Quartz, Oversharing, NYU Stern Research Highlights, NYU Stern Alumni Magazine
    Finalist in the 2018 M&SOM Student Paper Competition, First Place in the 2018 Best Cluster Paper Award - INFORMS Service Science

  1. "Field Experiments for Testing Revenue Strategies in the Hospitality Industry," with D. Lopez Mateos and N. Pyron, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 2021 (published online)
    Longer version
    Media coverage: Revenue Hub

  1. "Consumer Surplus Under Demand Uncertainty," with G. Perakis and C. Thraves, Production and Operations Management, 2021 (published online)
    Online Appendix

  1. "Incentivizing Commuters to Carpool: A Large Field Experiment with Waze," with M. D. Fiszer, A. Ratzon, and R. Sasson, Forthcoming in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
    AEA RCT Registry
    Media coverage: Delve
    Finalist in the 2021 M&SOM Practice-Based Research Competition

  1. "Price Discrimination with Fairness Constraints," with A. N. Elmachtoub and X. Lei, Forthcoming in Management Science
    Accepted to the 2021 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency and to the 2020 Workshop on Mechanism Design for Social Good

Managerial Articles

  1. "Upgrading Promotions Using Business Analytics," with L. Baardman, K. Panchamgam, and G. Perakis, Forthcoming in Management and Business Review

  1. "How In-Store Tech Will Transform Retail," with S. Zhu and S. Ray, MIT Sloan Management Review, 63(1):18-20, Fall 2021 Issue

  1. "Conflict Analytics: When Data Science Meets Dispute Resolution," with S. Dahan and C. Rule, Forthcoming in Management and Business Review

  1. "U.S. Opportunity Zones Use Tax Breaks for Developers to Help Poor Neighbourhoods — But Are They Choosing Wisely?" with R. Bekkerman, J. Maiden, and D. Mitrofanov, Published in The Conversation, National Post, and Yahoo News, 2021

Books and Book Chapters

  • L. Dubé, M. C. Cohen, N. Yang, B. Monla, eds. (2021), "Precision Retailing," University of Toronto Press, in progress

Under Review and Working Papers

  • "The Impact of Behavioral and Economic Drivers on Gig Economy Workers," with G. Allon and W. P. Sinchaisri, Minor Revision in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
    Selected as Best Paper at the 2019 Academy of Management Meeting and accepted to the 2019 MSOM Service SIG
    Medial coverage: Knowledge@Wharton
    Finalist in the 2019 INFORMS BOM Section Best Working Paper Competition, Finalist in the 2020 POMS College of Behavioral Operations Junior Scholar Paper Competition

  • "The Effect of Short-Term Rentals on Residential Investment," with R. Bekkerman, E. Kung, and D. Proserpio, Submitted (NEW)
    Best Conference Paper Nominee, Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST)
    Accepted for presentation at CIST 2021 and at the North American Meeting of the Urban Economics Association

Conference Publications

  • "Sunsailor: Solar Powered UAV," with S. Tsach, L. Ankri, Y. Ehrlich, T. Goldenberg, H. Levy, I. Regev, A. Vladimirsky, A. Weider, and Z. Yossef, Proc. 47th Israel Annual Conf. on Aerospace Sciences, Feb. 2007
    First price at the 2007 Technion Creativity in Science and Technology competition, Best student project in the 47th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences